Febuary 18-19, 2023 | Virtual


🌳 Environmental

Sustainability and climate change

💉 Healthcare

Access and quality of healthcare

✏️ Inequalities

Education and social inequalities

Web3 - Verbwire

The best web3 implementation


BUILD is an event bridging students' passion for new and emerging technologies and positive social impact. Within BUILD’23, participants are to use any form of new technology (e.g. Blockchain, AI, Nanotechnology) to create a hack addressing one of the global issue tracks.

Code + No-code inclusivity

We believe that building can take place in many forms - code or no-code. In BUILD’23, there are two routes for every track: technical and non-technical.

Whether you are a designer, debater, writer, or other, you are welcome to attend BUILD’23 through the non-technical route. If you are a coder, then we’d recommend the technical route. If you are introductory to code, we have workshops of all levels to accommodate!

Workshops by Industry Leaders

Join and get inspired by industry leaders around the world.

Miya H. Zhang

Founder and organizer of UXD

Learn More

Jerry Qian

Co-Founder and CTO of Bitcoin Bay

Learn More

Ethan Lippman

Product Manager at ETHSign

Learn More

Eric Joseph Lee

Founder & President of VXP

Paulo Carlos

Product Designer (UX) at Lululemon

Radu Vucea

Chief Design Officer at Actio

Ryan Haraki

Co-Founder and VP of Technology at UBC BC

Grace Ling

Founder of Design Buddies and UX Design at EA

Olivia Li

CEO of Kangaroo OS and judge at XX Accelerator

Andy Nguyen

Co-Owner of BAK'D

Pavel Terenin

Senior Software Engineer at Juniper Square

Ganesh Harke

Vice President (Software Engineering) at Citibank

Raluca Angelescu

UI/UX Designer

Hetav Pandya

Advisor at UTMIST and Campus Ambassador

Doyita Mitra

Solutions Architect at AWS

Any questions?


Who can participate?

Any middle school, high school, university and non-traditional students are encouraged to participate!

How much does it cost to participate?

$0. This event will be free of cost to students to encourage participation of students of all backgrounds.

How will team formation work?

4-5 people per team. You can create your own team before the hack (Finding a balance between Technical and Global issues interests is recommended). Every member must apply independently.

What if I’m a beginner?

It’s great that you are a beginner since there will be lots to absorb! There will be a lot of introductory workshops and mentors in the discord server to support your project.

What should I bring?

Since this is a virtual event, you will have the opportunity of enjoying the event from your home. Just make sure that you have a stable internet for accessing the hackathon!

What types of deliverables are there?

It is possible to submit all types of deliverables to the hackathon. However there are basic requirements for technical and non-technical hacks. Technical hacks: a Demo Video and Prototype. Non-technical hacks: a pitch deck and pitch video. Both will require a one pager to explain the project in brief

Let‘s make real change by hacking the future.

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